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    A fun, inspiring program for couples committed
    to renewing and recharging their relationship.

  • Reawaken your passion and connection
    • Rediscover the love and energy between you
      • Reconnect as a couple

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Your relationship used to excite and inspire you.

Remember how things used to be?

There was a time when you and your partner were in love. Deeply in love. Back in those days, you couldn't get enough of each other, spending every minute (or planning to spend every minute) in one another's company. When you walked through the door, his face lit up. When you touched her, it was electric. You made any excuse to spent time together. Dinner could take all evening. A phone call could go on for hours. Every word you spoke was fascinating.

And the sex! The sex was incredible. Passionate. Fun. (And often!)

When others saw you together, they always said how happy you looked. And it was true – you were happy. Both of you. You were connected. Great friends. Lovers. Secret-keepers.

In those days, the relationship was exciting.

It sizzled.

But then, sometime over the months or years, things started to change. You began drifting apart. And even though you're still together – for now – things are different. You don't talk as much. You don't connect. You don't have sex much anymore. The sizzle you once had has been reduced to a sputter.

Do you still love each other? That's a loaded question. Of course you do! Right? You know each other as well as two people can. Maybe you've had kids; built a life together. But the question makes you uneasy. You do love each other, but you might not be in love – definitely not the way you were at the beginning.

What's happening to the two of you isn't uncommon. Many relationships die a little, year by year. It's sad but true. People drift apart. The passion cools. The marriage or partnership turns stale and uninspiring.

Or worse. Any of these sound familiar?

  • ‘Even though we’ve been married for 5 (or 10) years, my wife and I are more like roommates.’
  • ‘He never shows me affection anymore. We have no love life.’
  • ‘She’s so emotional now!’
  • ‘He takes me for granted.’
  • ‘I really think my partner doesn’t give a damn about me anymore.’
  • ‘She won’t accept her share of the responsibilities.’
  • ‘He has to have his own way all the time.’
  • ‘I don’t remember the last time we spent an evening together or had a “date night”.’
  • ‘It seems like we argue constantly these days. We can’t even agree on where to go to dinner, let alone about our finances or child-rearing.’
  • ‘He’s more interested in Internet porn than he is in sex with me.’
  • ‘Rather than try to communicate, one or both of us shuts down and withdraws.’
  • ‘My partner has become controlling and verbally abusive. I can’t stand it anymore!’
  • ‘One of us had an affair.’

While plenty of relationships can turn dull and routine, others become punctuated by prickly nitpicking or petty bickering. Still others can become a battleground. And while sometimes a pair of well-intentioned people have an unspoken agreement not to rock the boat, such a mutually deadening pact can often turn them into passionless zombies.

To accurately assess your relationship, consider the following questions:

  • Are you afraid to say things for fear of what your partner might think or do?
  • Do you get so annoyed that you clam up and stop talking…sometimes for days?
  • Is your partner overly emotional? Emotionally shut down?
  • Do you sometimes keep quiet just to keep the peace?
  • When something is worrying you, do you turn to others rather than to your partner for emotional support?

Is it hard to remember the last time you shared a wild night of passion?

While it’s true that some couples end up descending the downward spiral, for others, things actually get better with the passage of time. That’s right: Their relationship actually grows, gathering more love, more passion, more and deeper connection and intimacy with each passing year. It expands to become the fullest expression of what two people can truly create.

This kind of relationship is available to you. (It’s available to everyone.) But to achieve it, you’ll need to understand why things have turned stale — why the two of you have slid down the slippery slope towards ‘snooze’.

rounded_cornersCouple4Let’s talk about everyday people for a second.

Many of them settle for mediocre. Average. Ordinary.

But that’s not the problem. Your primary relationship should never be average or ordinary. Never. As the foundation for so much of the rest of your life, it should be nothing less than extraordinary, and while it might feel easier to take your partner for granted, to stop courting her (or him) and merely settle into the routine of the relationship, if you’re reading this, it’s unlikely that you’re the kind of person (or the kind of couple) who’s willing to do that.

No. You want more.

You want someone to stand strong at your side, someone who supports you, who fills you up – someone you fall more in love with every day, and who feels the same way about you.

You want extraordinary.

And the truth is, you deserve it.

As passion fades, what’s usually happening is a combination of three factors playing themselves out. (‘You’ in the following examples can mean ‘you,’ ‘your partner,’ or ‘the two of you’.)

  1. You may have lost touch with the deeper parts of yourself; your emotions, passions, and desires.
  2. You may have lost touch with your inner strength; your capacity to take a stand in asking for what you want.
  3. You may have lost touch with the soft, vulnerable, and compassionate part of yourself that can offer loving to kindness to your partner.

In nearly every relationship, some combination of these three is at work – in both partners – when the passion and excitement wanes. And the more factors working on each of you individually, the more passion, connection, and vibrancy will drain out of the relationship you’ve built together.

Is this how it’s going to be forever?

It doesn’t have to be.

Admittedly, modern life requires a lot. There are bills to pay, family and friends to support, fears and anxieties and responsibilities that come in a hundred different forms – all of which can become the focus of our daily lives. Faced with all these daily stresses, we tend to downplay the important stuff. If they’re not careful, even the happiest of couples can, over time, find themselves distracted, disenchanted, and disconnected from one another. It’s easy to become just another ‘average’ twosome, having resigned to bittersweet memories of the fiery passion that fueled the relationship’s early phase.

Most of us don’t deliberately seek to harm our relationships. We just don’t know why they go wrong, or how to improve them.

Deep inside, however, a restless part of you wants that sizzle back. Something in you is willing to dig deep, to rekindle the fire and spark the flame of true happiness you know can burn in your relationship once again.

RenewYourSpark is designed to help you do that.

Before you hear more about this powerful educational program, it’s important to know about Relationship Characters. Because nearly every one of us falls into one of two types: Cool or Cozy. Cool types tend to avoid attachments to others, keeping themselves ‘cool’ and a little distant from their partner. Cozy types tend to be more relationship-focused and seek connection as their highest value. Neither one is ‘better’ or ‘worse'; they’re just types.

These two Relationship Characters create four kinds of relationships:

  1. The most common is comprised of one of each – a Cool and a Cozy – which makes it the most challenging: two different people with two different sets of needs.
  2. More rare is the ‘Double Cool’, which in time can feel like a dry, distant friendship with no spark. At their worst, Double Cools aren’t even roommates; they’re polite strangers.
  3. While the ‘Double Cozy’ feels best and seems to be the most secure, it can also lack sizzle. It’s comfortable – too comfortable – and can risk a relationship void of passion.
  4. The final relationship type is Extraordinary, which we’ll talk about in a moment. (Keep reading!)

No matter what type your relationship is, if you’re in one that’s committed to evolving, you have options.

An online course for couples, RenewYourSpark was created to help them refuel, re-ignite, and renew the love and connection they once had. Intended for those committed to personal growth and ready to move from ordinary to extraordinary in their relationship, RenewYourSpark is crafted to help in three major ways:

  1. It successfully connects both parties to deeper parts of themselves in order to reignite their aliveness and passion. Whether you’re a Cool or a Cozy, you’ll soon become aware of those parts and learn to recognize and respect them in your partner.
  2.  It helps Cozys find their strength so they can identify and take a stand for what they want — for themselves and for their relationship.
  3.  It helps Cools find their soft center — allowing them to see and meet their partner with loving kindness that comes from a pair of open hearts.

Whether you’re a Cool or a Cozy, the RenewYourSpark Program will help you reconnect to the fire that fuelled your early days.

‘But neither of us are prioritizing the marriage! And we’re both so busy!’

There’s no question: Altering the direction of a long-term partnership takes work. And work translates into time. Carving out a regular schedule to rebuild your relationship sometimes feels harder than just letting it slide. With a flexible, adaptable 9-week program you and your partner can do together in just two hours a week, RenewYourSpark fits easily into your schedule. You’ll start seeing (and enjoying!) the results immediately.

Like a Personal Trainer for Your Relationship

You’re smart. You know the benefits of being active and eating right. You know your car won’t function well without regular maintenance. The same is true with a marriage or partnership: Keeping it running smoothly and healthily requires some investment. (And, as with exercise and oil changes, it pays off – big time! – in the long run.) With clear objectives and powerful learning modules, RenewYourSpark acts as a skilled personal trainer, guiding you and your partner to discover and recover what your relationship needs to revive its passion.

Are you ready to be Extraordinary?

You’ve probably met couples who were extraordinary: pairs who, even though they’d been together for years, not only maintained their spark, but seemed to have gotten even closer – a pair of loving, considerate, well-matched yet independently unique people. These extraordinary duos weathered difficulties – every couple does – but seem to be even stronger for it.

Here’s the secret: Every couple can be like that. You can, too.

RenewYourSpark is specially designed to help provide couscious couples the tools and understanding they need to raise their relationship from average or mediocre to extraordinary.

Created and facilitated by Julie Hart, RenewYourSpark isn’t therapy or counseling. It’s an intensive educational program designed for partners who don’t believe in waiting until something is beyond repair before fixing it. As participants, you’re receive quick, precise strategies you can implement now to begin elevating your relationship to a new level – not only reigniting your connection and attraction, but creating and sustaining a genuine, deep-rooted appreciation for (and understanding of) one another.

About Julie Hart

"Celebrating 10 or even 20 years together doesn’t mean much if you’ve lost that spark and deep connection. Instead, it can feel more like an endurance test."

– Julie Hart, Psychologist and Director of The Hart Centre

A licensed psychologist with extensive training and experience helping more than 1,000 couples improve their relationships, Julie is the founder of The Hart Centre, a network of 70 psychologists across Australia. For 14 years, Julie has empowered couples to reach their highest potential, offering them insight into the dynamics operating in their relationships, helping them balance their individuality and their togetherness, and reconnecting them with active, fulfilling sex lives. She recognizes the essential elements of a happy, long-term relationship – as well as where it typically goes wrong along the way.

What others are saying…

I am glad to say we are as happy as we have ever been, maybe happier. You really helped us to look at the way our relationship was working, and your insights have taken us down a better path. We will always be grateful for what you have done for us.

Phil & Bev, together 7 years (mid-30s)

You saved our marriage. As a psychologist, you succeeded where our previous counsellor hadn’t. We had both decided we had better try again, but truthfully I was just going through the motions. There was so much about him I didn’t like and couldn’t get over, and I think he felt the same. But you were able to pinpoint what each of us were doing and how to put a stop to it, and it made all the difference.

Linda and Andrew, together 8 years (early-30s)

A transformation has happened. We no longer pounce on each other with ’bite back’ remarks that feed resentment and create distance and distrust. We have reset our boundaries with each other, and now have tolerance, respect, harmony, and fun in our relationship again.

John and Melissa, together 15 years (mid-40s)

It’s the first time I feel that we have the tools we need to improve things  between us. We never felt overwhelmed with information, and the processes worked almost instantly. Although the solutions seemed simple, I’m sure they’ve taken a long time and a lot of study to understand. You have been such a great help for us. Thank you again.

Lawrence and Ken, together 5 years (mid-30s)

We made the decision in getting your help, and our relationship is stronger because of it. We now understand why we communicate the way we do and how we can work to improve it. It’s encouraged us to approach the relationship in a more light-hearted way, and to try to voice our worries before they become unmanageable. He has been happier and less stern, and I have begun to work on being more conscious of making assumptions about what he’s thinking and feeling by entering into a dialogue first.

Natalie and Des, together 4 years (mid-50s)

We have never been happier in our relationship. You have enabled us to clear up some misunderstanding, be more appreciative of one another, and notice more of the good in each other. Thanks so much.

Sharon and Ron, together 18 years (late-40s)

Exceptionally helpful. Considering the awful crisis point we were in, it’s a miracle that we’re in a completely different head and heart space with each other now. Instead of avoiding or verbally attacking the other, we actually see each other. We’re having fun instead of arguing. We have a true north again.

Melanie and Peter, together 5 years (late-30s)

It's time to strike the match.


What you’ll learn in this course:

Module 1:

How's your relationship right now?

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Where are you and your partner right now? What’s your starting point?
  • Assessing your relationship and identifying the stage it’s in…now
  • Recognizing your key relationship dimensions
  • Identifying your Cool or Cozy characters and learning how they interact: How you may be creating negative interactional patterns
  • How well do you know your partner? How to start learning more about each other
  • The importance of connection rituals to bond the two of you — and how to create them together

Module 2:

Do you have a foundation of integrity, personal responsibility and trust?

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Do you feel empowered? Do you believe you’re a victim? The fatal effect of resentment and blame between partners
  • Embracing relationship empowerment and taking personal responsibility in your own relationship
  • Being an integral and trustworthy person
  • Relationship Trust – the foundation of what makes two people tick
  • Restarting the romance – the essentials of creating (and protecting!) ‘Date Nights’
  • Gourmet Sex: a sensual exercise to spark your sexual appetite

Module 3:

Who holds the power in the relationship?

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Identifying any power imbalances (that can kill warmth, kindness, and goodwill) in your relationship
  • Recreating respect and equality in the way the two of you relate
  • The potent power of feeling emotionally met – for you and your partner
  • How sharing power is the most powerful option
  • Romance returning: the art of affectionate and sensual touching and the Very Long Hug
  • Gourmet Sex: rediscovering your partner’s erogenous zones

Module 4:

Reciprocal dynamics; from infuriating to understanding

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • ‘We’re driving each other crazy!’: Why it happens and how to (lovingly) identify your greatest annoyances in yourself and in your partner
  • Recognize how and why you’re judging one another and how to simply…stop.
  • How to use these understanding as gifts – and how to learn to love them and become more whole as a person
  • Rekindling the romance: The Bliss of a Kiss
  • Gourmet Sex: having fun again and rediscovering sexual adventure
  • Added Bonus: complimentary 30 minute session 1:1 with Julie Hart (usually $87)

Module 5:

How self-aware are you?

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The #1 reason your life and your relationship feels numb or dead
  • A guided tour of your emotions: how and why you avoid (or amplify) them
  • The hidden secret of mirror neurons…and why knowing about them is essential for navigating your inner emotional world
  • Emotional Self-Awareness in 4 easy steps
  • A life in balance: Acknowledging your own needs…and your partner’s
  • Romance renovation: the powerful effect of the five-second appreciation
  • Gourmet Sex: a luxurious feast for lovers

Module 6:

How well do the two of you communicate?

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Communication: The single biggest factor for two people to feel close and connected
  • Creating safe spaces and regular routines to connect with one another
  • How to genuinely express yourself (and have your partner truly hear you!) and…
  • Really listening (not just readying your response while you wait for the talking to stop!)
  • Emotional attunement to your partner: a good relationship’s most critical quality
  • The value of ‘time outs’ when you run into trouble
  • Why the ‘silent treatment’ can be just as dangerous as openly fighting
  • Why it’s important to repair relationship cracks right away
  • Creating (and protecting) the daily 30-minute talk
  • Romance rebuilding: how laughter helps two people form positive bonds (and how to create opportunities for it)
  • Gourmet Sex: slave for the night

Module 7:

Valuing yourself and setting good boundaries

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Identifying healthy anger and the power of expressing it
  • The dangers of stuffing healthy anger – and how to kick the habit
  • Can you be too compassionate with your partner?
  • Pinpointing relationship ‘deal-breakers’…and following through on them
  • Being brave, daring to rock the boat, and taking a stand
  • Why setting personal boundaries can make all the difference
  • Techniques to keep your relationship from becoming one-sided
  • Romance revived: Steady eye contact and a warm smile
  • Gourmet Sex: sharing your sexual favorites and preferences

Module 8:

The magic, magnetic, masculine-feminine arc of attraction

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Chemistry set: the ‘X factors’ that create attraction and passion
  • Finding the right balance between individual freedom and togetherness and connection needs
  • Keeping your individuality alive = good for both of you
  • Recreating the masculine and feminine magnetism between you (Hint: You’ve still got it!)
  • Romance renewed: maintaining spontaneity and mystery in your marriage or partnership
  • Gourmet Sex: discovering (and exploiting!) what turns your partner on


Module 9:

Embracing an extraordinary relationship

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Identifying what makes you feel loved by your partner
  • Integrating what you know about communication, individuality, and magnetism
  • What are your Love Languages? What are your partner’s?
  • Assessing how far you have come and making plans for the future
  • The six keys to sustaining your spark! (Starting now!)
  • Moving forward with more passion and more connection
  • Creating a shared deeper purpose as you move into your future

Here's what you'll receive


Tests and quizzes to help you discover about yourself, about your partner, and what you've built together

RenewYourSpark’s Initial Diagnostic Relationship Assessment is specially designed to help you accurately evaluate your Key Relationship dimensions at the start of the program — and again when you finish.

In addition, author Julie Hart has also created a number of short tests and quizzes to help you explore and clarify elements of your own self-awareness, to see your relationship more clearly, and to provide further insight into particular aspects of your relationship.


Weekly modules with accompanying videos to inspire and challenge you to be more and have more in your relationship

In each session, Julie will illustrate the essential elements needed to develop to create an extraordinary relationship — one that’s the very picture of passion and closeness.

Each module features a unique combination of direct instruction videos, written materials to read and respond to, and recorded live interviews with conscious couples from around the world. Speaking from their own personal experiences, they’ll reveal how they navigate and celebrate particular (and challenging) aspects of their relationships.


Downloadable resources, powerful exercises and inspired reflections

As your program progresses, you’ll be given easy-to-complete exercises that help you understand each area, gaining clarity and broadening your understanding of yourself and your partner. Throughout, you’ll be amassing a cache of valuable written and online materials that will continue to feed your understanding of the subject long after the course is completed.


Ongoing email access to the course's author to address any questions or challenges

Stuck? Don’t understand something? Throughout the nine-week course, you’ll have ongoing email access to the Julie herself. If you have any questions about the process or come up against any problems, simply email Julie and she will respond within 24 hours. It’s a way to ensure you’ll stay on track and get the most out of your RenewYourSpark program.


What do we need in order to take the course? +

Not much: You’ll need a computer, tablet, or mobile device with Internet access. Most couples find that the larger screen of a computer or tablet makes it easier to view and complete the exercises, but your phone can work just fine. Also, while not absolutely necessary, many participants find that printing out the exercises makes the process easier and more enjoyable; thus you may choose to use a printer.

Mainly, you’ll need protected time. RenewYourSpark requires 2–3 hours a week: an hour to listen, view, and do the exercises for each module online, and 1–2 more hours to complete the fun additional materials for each subject area. Besides a positive investment in your relationship, this time guarantees the two of you are successfully incorporating its principles into your lives and reshaping your relationship in a deep and meaningful way.

How quickly can we get started? +

You a can start immediately. Once you register for the RenewYourSpark program, you’ll receive instant access to the first module, with a full week to read, review, and complete it. (Module 1 is designed to assess where the two of you are in the relationship right now.) To do this, you’ll need about one hour of uninterrupted time. After that, you’ll have access to one module each week for the remaining eight weeks.

We’re both busy people. What if we fall behind? +

Don’t worry. Starting when you sign up, each module will be released once a week for nine consecutive weeks. If you find it difficult to make time for the course on certain weeks, just wait to begin the next module until you’re ready. It won’t affect your experience. It doesn't matter how long it takes the two of you to complete the RenewYourSpark program — the important thing is just to complete it!

Each module covers a different element of your relationship; by the time you reach Module 9, you’ll be able to clearly assess the positive changes you’ve begun to make as a couple.

Is RenewYourSpark suitable for couples with serious relationship problems? +

The short answer is ‘mostly’: While completing the RenewYourSpark program will improve most couples’ relationships, those who are fighting all the time or on the verge of separating are likely to be better served by seeking counseling.

RenewYourSpark is intended to serve those couples who aren’t really happy in the current arrangement and want to try something at home before committing to couples’ counseling. It’s also designed for couples and partners who might not have the time to seek a counselor, and instead are seeking simple, helpful tools to help them rekindle their relationship and put it back on a positive track.

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  • Final Relationship Assessment


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  • Introductory Relationship Assessment
  • Worksheet Downloads
  • Couple Interview Videos
  • Final Relationship Assessment
  • + 2 x 30 minute coaching sessions with Julie Hart


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